Cheater’s Porchetta

Everything’s better with bacon. I believe that bacon could be used to solve some of the world’s greatest evils: world wars, depression, hangnails. I swear, one day they’ll prove me right. But for today, I’ll be putting bacon on top of more pig parts. Pork, to be more specific. What about bacon-wrapped pork doesn’t scream … Continue reading Cheater’s Porchetta

Baking Cookies as Easy as 1-2-3?

There is an overwhelming lump of cookie recipes out there, all with very distinct ingredients, measurements, baking times, oven temperatures…it’s enough to make a person dizzy. It seems like making cookies couldn’t be harder, and inventing your own recipes? Next to impossible! I was a supporter of the “just-leave-those-things-to-the-pros” mentality until I read Michael Ruhlman’s … Continue reading Baking Cookies as Easy as 1-2-3?

Cocoa vs. Cacao

Cocoa? Cacao? What’s the deal? The terms cocoa and cacao used to confuse me. Are they the same? Different things entirely? Today I’ll be dispelling some confusion about chocolate (because, come on, you know the questions are burning in your mind). Cacao: cacao refers to the raw, unchanged form of chocolate (aka: without milk or … Continue reading Cocoa vs. Cacao