Buttery Shortbread Bars (are the best)

What do you desire in your shortbread? Many people want a crisp, crunchy, flaky thing they can dip in their coffee. Some people want an all-over soft shortbread that bends in their fingertips. Today’s recipe is for super buttery, crisp-on-the-outside-but-soft-on-the-inside shortbread bars. My personal requirement for shortbread. Why? ‘Cause it’s tickle-me-silly amazing (especially with homemade … Continue reading Buttery Shortbread Bars (are the best)

Taco Salad

Cool, light, refreshing, with a touch of everyone’s favorite Mexican comfort food – tacos! (picture from myrecipes.com) I feel like I should say that this is a summery salad, but honestly, I could eat this year-round and be perfectly content. It satisfies just about every savory craving I could ever have: creamy avocados, sweet tomatoes, … Continue reading Taco Salad