Bark with Toasted Coconut, Cranberries, Almonds (and more)

(Hi! This post is the first of a few to come out about chocolate bark – it’s our latest obsession. Today’s includes coconut, cranberries, almonds, sunflower seeds, and graham crackers. More posts are to come very soon about our other favorite flavor combos and tips for the perfect bark to be raved about. If you … Continue reading Bark with Toasted Coconut, Cranberries, Almonds (and more)

Goldie Locks Chocolate Cake

This may just be your new addiction. If you end up binge-eating this, I’m sorry. You can blame me.    ( Let’s set something straight here: I personally believe that there are many people who want nothing more than to brag that their chocolate cake with double-chip, lightly whipped, dark chocolate icing is the best … Continue reading Goldie Locks Chocolate Cake

Coconut Creme Brulee

It’s like somebody grabbed a coconut fresh from the tree, cracked the thing open, and squeezed its contents into pudding. Pudding with a beautiful, crispy layer of sugar on top. Coconut creme brulee is beyond delicious. No, this isn’t some “I-have-to-say-it’s-good-because-it’s-a-food-blog” thing; it just was that good! Ask my family, they will tell you with … Continue reading Coconut Creme Brulee

Strawberry Oatmeal Bars

(pictures from the Pioneer Woman Cooks) The beauty about this recipe is that it tastes so home-y. Like your grandma (the-one-who-makes-the-best-cookies-grandma) just whipped them up in her kitchen, patted them with love, and sent them straight to your mouth. They’re just that kind of good. And in terms of difficulty, they’re child’s play. All you … Continue reading Strawberry Oatmeal Bars